Performance & Productivity In The Modern Business Era

I Teach Productivity, Performance & Human Leadership Strategies To Busy Professionals And Fast-Paced Organizations Who Want To Grow Sustainably Without The Overwhelm

My Mission is simple: eliminate burnout in business to help other growth-minded professionals live burnout-free, perform at their best while living a fulfilled life. In a busy and high stress modern business world, busy professionals are ashamed of opening up about their struggles, resulting often in major overwhelm, deteriorating health (physical and mental) and low performance, costing organizations billions every year. In these inspirational talks, serial entrepreneur and author Dave Ruel, a leader for mental health advocacy and burnout prevention in the modern workplace, shares the story of his battle with burnout. He openly shares how he recovered from it and how he is now permanently staying out of the burnout zone while performing at his all-time best. He now reveals with you the game-changing workload management methodology he created for himself and his employees to efficiently manage Time, Tasks & Talent and unlock burnout-free, sustainable, performance.

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My New Signature Talks




"How To Beat Overwhelm, Efficiently Manage Your Workload & Unlock Burnout-Free Performance In 90 Days"

  • The Simple Strategy To Implement In Your Personal & Professional Life To Efficiently Manage Your Time, Tasks & Talent 


  • ​The Priority Scheduling Method To Achieve More By Noon Than Others In A Full Day, Stress Free


  • ​How To Manage Your Tasks To Reach ALL Your Goals & Deadlines Systematically Without Being Overwhelmed


  • ​The Simple Framework To Implement Powerful & Sustainable Self-Care Routines & Rituals To Your Life


  • ​How To Manage & Protect Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Energy To Stay Burnout-Free


  • ​The Simple Framework To Implement Powerful & Sustainable Self-Care Routines & Rituals To Your Life


  • ​How To Manage & Protect Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Energy To Stay Burnout-Free


  • ​The Fireproof Way To Eliminate Distractions, Stop Putting Out Fires Or Deal With Non-Stop Emergencies


  • ​How To Achieve The Ultimate Work-Life Harmony To Perform At Work And Live A Fulfilled Life At Home





How To Efficiently Lead Your Team For 

Growth & Performance Without Burning Them Out

  • The Damaging Cost of Burnout In Your Organization


  • ​The Top 3 Employee Management Mistakes Leaders Make With The Modern-Day Workforce


  • ​How To Retain Top Talent And Make Sure They'll Never Leave Your Company


  • ​Human KPIs: The 21st Century Way To Unlock Your Team's Top Performance


  • ​The 3 Team Management Systems You Need To Implement To Grow Without Overwhelm


  • ​The 5-Step "Burnout-Free" Approach To Lead Your Team And Ensure Your Team Members Fulfilled At Work And At Home





How To Transform Your Business Into A Smooth-Running SMART Company That Can Prosper Without You

  • How To Build Sustainably Productive A-Player Teams In 90 Days, Without Burning Them Out.


  • ​How To Finally Start Working ON Your Business Instead Of IN Your Business (…And Stop Working All The Time).


  • ​The Fireproof Business Model Where You Never Have To Put Out Fires, Deal With Non-Stop Emergencies And Never Ending To-Do Lists


  • ​The Fireproof Business Model Where You Never Have To Put Out Fires, Deal With Non-Stop Emergencies And Never Ending To-Do Lists


  • ​The Time Management Strategy To Create Space For High-Leverage Activities The Will Bring Real Growth 


  • ​How To Set Effective Business Goals To Achieve More In The Next 90 Days Than All Of Your Last Year


  • ​What Systems You Need To Reach The Goals Without Having You And Your Team Burning Out In The Process


  • ​Why Most Businesses Won't Scale And Why Yours Will If You Upgrade This One Skill


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You really want me to speak at your event but would need something different than one of my Signature Talks? No problem, I speak on topics related to mental health in the workplace, time & task management, work/life harmony, efficiency, execution, productivity, workplace health & performance and team leadership. I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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About Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel is a former competitive physique athlete turned serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leadership mentor.


After founding and growing multi-million dollar online companies in the field of health, fitness and sports nutrition for nearly a decade, Dave saw the dark side of entrepreneurship gradually rob him of his freedom, leaving him burned out and unfulfilled. Refusing to conform to a broken business culture that promotes workaholism and non-stop hustle, Dave created a sustainable structure and systems for his life and business to reclaim his freedom without sacrificing the growth of his companies.


Fueled by his passion for entrepreneurship and human performance, he launched Effic, an innovative leadership development company that helps busy entrepreneurs maximize their impact and freedom.


Following his “efficiency first” philosophy to entrepreneurial productivity and performance, Dave developed a powerful methodology that he sums up in the best-selling book Done By Noon - How To Achieve More By Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day.


Effic's systems, frameworks and tools, including the Effic Planner, are now used by thousands of entrepreneurs all around the world. Effic has also built a fast-growing network of Effic Certified Partners who teach the methodology on 3 continents, in countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, and the USA.


Dave lives on the East Coast of Canada with his wife Karine and their 2 daughters.

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