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Dave Ruel

I'm A Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author And International Speaker Who Helps Entrepreneurs Perform At Work & Win At Life

After founding and growing multi-million dollar online companies, I saw the dark side of entrepreneurship gradually rob me of my freedom, leaving me burned out and unfulfilled. Refusing to conform to a broken business culture that promotes workaholism and non-stop hustle, I created sustainable systems for my life and business to reclaim my freedom without sacrificing the growth of my companies. I now help other entrepreneurs do the same via my CEO  position at Effic, an innovative leadership development company that helps busy entrepreneurs maximize their impact and freedom.

Work with me

While I'm Retired From 1-on-1 Business Coaching,

There Are A Few Ways To Work With Me Directly

  • 1. Invite me as a guest on your podcast

    Offer great value to your audience and benefit from the presence of an award winning speaker on your show. For inquiries please email bookings@daveruel.com

  • 2. Hire me to speak

    I deliver impactful talks on Productivity, Performance & Human Leadership to busy professionals and fast-paced organizations who want to grow sustainably without the overwhelm. For inquiries please email bookings@daveruel.com

  • 3. Become a promotional partner with Effic

    Promote our Effic™ Tools & Trainings and earn generous commissions. All details at http://www.EfficAffiliates.com

  • 4. Become an Effic Certified Coach

    Are you a coach? We are currently welcoming new students who want to become an Effic™ Certified Partner into our international program. This means that you could be a certified coach and have the right tools and training to coach ambitious people. More on how to enroll at http://www.EfficCertified.com

    From Burned Out Hustlers To Efficient Business Leaders

    Business Took Over My Life. I Built Systems Around Them To Reclaim My Freedom And Never Looked Back. They Are Now Used By Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Here are some of them :

    From Chaos To Simplicity


    "What we implemented took our business from behind-the-scenes chaos that felt messy, reactive and stressful to run to one that is simplified, streamlined and ENJOYABLE again."

    - Jill & Josh Stanton, ScrewTheNineToFive.com (Vancouver, Canada)

    Present With My Family Without Sacrificing My Business


    "I am now able to work 5 hours per day and enjoy more time being PRESENT with my wife and 5 kids without having my mind wandering over to business issues any more."​

    - Chris Lopez, Online Entrepreneur

    (Costa Rica)

    I'm Now In Perfect Control


    "I've tried dozens of organizational systems in the past, but most of them have fallen short... Each time I used them they all seemed to be either lacking what I truly needed as a busy professional or they were to hard to implement. I’m now in perfect control of my quarterly, weekly, and daily planning"

    - Dr. Stephen Cabral, Cabral Wellness Institute (Boston, MA, USA)​

    "You don't have to sacrifice your whole life to have a successful business.

    You don't have to sacrifice the growth of your business to have a successful life.

    I believe in a better model for the new generation of successful leaders."

    I've Built A System To Help You Achieve More By Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day. 

     ✉ hello@ruelgroup.com 
    ✆ North America Toll Free: 1-844-44-EFFIC (33342)


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